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Our collective approach

In 2015, Diffusions Aromatiques, concerned about future generations, committed to a CSR approach in order to combine sustainable growth and performance.

The year 2020 prompted the company to strengthen its reflections and actions undertaken with the objective of preserving the environment, people and the economy. We have given particular importance to updating our CSR approach by formalizing new commitments. The latter is oriented towards the well-being and safety of employees and the minimization of our impact on all of our stakeholders; but also towards a culture that is more respectful from an ecological and environmental point of view.

With the contribution of each member of our team, we have been able to put in place commitments in correlation with our values and our convictions, those of our customers, our suppliers and the group to which we belong.

We promote responsible and sustainable communication by maintaining constant transparency on our services, our products and our company.

We are vigilant in protecting the environment by recycling our waste as much as possible and saving our energy.

We guarantee respect for human rights by ensuring parity and avoiding all forms of discrimination.

Diffusions Aromatiques is embarking on a new era: through our actions, together, bringing a little more every day to the world around us.

Lola Hannaert, General Manager

St Cézaire s/siagne, March 2022

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